Monday, December 5, 2011

Tag Game

Thanks to Mira yang sudi tag saya . This my first time main game ni . 

Questions from Mira :

1.Do you love travelling?where?
2.What K-drama do you love?
3.Whats your favourite Kpop group/solo?
4.Do you love anime?
5.If you had chance to go Korea,who you want to meet?
6.Whats song that reminding you to someone?
7.Do you love cute stufts?
8.Whats is your feeling when blogging?
9.Love Mathematics?
10.Which one is more important,phone or laptop?
11.Do you always play this game?

My answers :

1. Of course , mana mana tempat yang best
2. BOF , Dream High and Playful Kiss
3. Girls' Generation , Super Junior , SHINee , Boyfriend and T-ARA
4. Yup , I love to watch Detective Conan .
5. Taeyeon's Girls' Generation and Eunhyuk's Super Junior
6. Oh by Girls' Generation because my bestfriend always sang it
7. Yup
8. Rasa syok sendiri
9. No 
10. Laptop and saya sayang benda ni sangat sangat
11. This is my first time

Sorry , time ney internet problem , jadi saya just post yang penting jee . Lain masa , if ingat , I will betulkan entry ney .

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